Our comprehensive set of tools reduces stress and allows you to focus on the people you're there for—your athletes.       


Discover the ease of our online registration and payment

♦  Race setup and registration is simple, intuitive and quick for both you and your athletes.

♦  Quickly create events and allow athletes to register with just a few easy steps.

♦  Application automatically creates waitlists and initiates late registration fees at your discretion.

♦  Worry-free management of online transactions, with all credit card merchant fees included.


Prepare for race day quickly and efficiently

Configure how your race starts using helpful and intuitive forms to establish heats and lanes.  

Heat Assignment Wizard lets you quickly assign and adjust starting positions and race numbers without having to create an external spreadsheet.  

Maintain total control over all entries, heats, and start times while editing just one form at a time and allowing our applications to do the rest.  

Manage all financial data and create customized reports with just a few clicks.

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Let's make your event stress free.

When the big day arrives, stay free to focus on the event

Time entry is handled through an efficient web app that works equally well from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Quickly make last-minute registration changes or change heats, lanes or start times without having to edit multiple forms.

Add same-day participants and accept payments without special steps or hassles.


Keep athletes happy with immediate results

Post results online, on a screen onsite or quickly create printouts as results come in.

Import data from virtually any third-party timing service.

Allow athletes to sort results by event, gender, age group and other criteria.

Give athletes the ability to compare their times against prior competition years as soon as results are posted.


A better experience for both race directors and athletes


"As a race director, the less stress, the better when it comes to race preparation.  Timedsports provided just that for me.  From registration to swim time changes to building swim heats, my overall work load was diminished times ten.  Jeff, Kirk and Mark were readily available whenever I needed assistance.  On the participant side, Timedsports added a new dimension to the Peak Triathlon.  Results were posted almost immediately online and easily sorted a number of ways with the click of the mouse.  I am continually impressed with the product Timedsports offers for they have something no other company can provide in the triathlon field."

Kayla Johnson, CPT

Peak Triathlon Race Director


“Having competed in over 200 triathlons since 1980, including an ITU World Championship and four Ironman World Championships, the Bitterroot Triathlon (using RaceManager Pro®) was one of the best run triathlons I have competed in.  The results were published online almost immediately and the best part is that these results could be sorted on swim, bike, run and total time.  It’s always great to be able to figure out exactly how many people ran faster than me in a triathlon!”

John Weston

World-Class Triathlete

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