Frequently Asked Questions


How does your online race registration work?

You can either call us or fill out the online form with the specifics of your race, and we will set up an online system to collect the race registration fees via credit or debit card payment. Fees will be distributed to you in twice monthly disbursements. The online registration system will build your race day database, which will automatically sort your entrants by gender, age group, teams and solos.

What is the race day management system?
RaceManager Pro is a race management system that we have developed to help race directors with the race day organization and timing of their race. It includes a system that automates the organization of heated races, as well as a customized system for quickly and accurately entering times for athletes as they finish.
What types of races do you support?
We can help you manage the online registration, timing and results posting for running events, cycling events, triathlons (mass or heated starts), duathlons, Xterra events, swim races, skiing races—basically anything with a start and finish line.
How does the timing system work?
RaceManager Pro's timing system allows you to first assign race numbers for all of your entrants based on which numbers you have ordered. The timing system is accessed online and as you enter finish times (by stage or total race time) the finishing times will automatically calculate the winners for each age, gender and team category. So when you are done entering times, the winners will already be arranged for you to make your award presentations.
How do I get people to the race site?
We will give you a link to put on your website that will direct them to the online registration system.
What if I want to make changes to the racer’s information?
With RaceManager Pro you will be able to edit racer information including: names, estimated times, age, gender and address. You will also be able to make race day edits to their times and post race edits are possible as well.
What about adding or substituting racers?
You will have the ability to add or substitute racers in the case of no shows or race day registrations that will have all of the same ability to be included in awards calculations.
How do I pay for this?
Our fees are a charge added on to each entrant's race registration, so that it does not affect your race profitability.
How do I view the results?
Results will be viewable online at the time that they are entered. Race results are also displayed in an easy to view, and sortable format. Results are also comparable from year to year.
How does the Awards function work?
RaceManager Pro automatically calculates the top 4 racer times in each category. By clicking on the "Winners Button" on the results page you will see a list of the top placers in each age, gender, team and solo category. No more waiting around for an hour to hand out your awards!

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