Clean, Simple and Branded Race Registration
The online registration process is one of the best in the industry. It is easy to use, tailored to your type of race, and branded to reflect your race information website.

The online registration is so easy even a caveman can do it. Pick your race event, determine if you are registering as a team or solo, fill in athlete profile information, and pay. That's it. Registrants can see who has registered real time. Race Directors can manage entries, review overall race status, and immediately deal with questions and registrations.
The RaceManager Pro system is one of the few in the industry that provides a registration, entries status, and results reporting site for you that is branded with a logo and header style that reflects your race information site look. Racers will feel it is a part of your site not part of a bulk registration processing service.
The race registration system is immediately and seamlessly integrated into a complete Race Director solution. Entries are automatically part of the pre-race setup, the race day organization and timing, and the results reporting features. Once someone registers their time can easily be posted and they show up immediately on the results reporting.

Create Your Race
Get started today with TimedSports™ online race registration, powered by RaceManager Pro™, the start to finish race management system.

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